Packing List for World Travel

Preparing your travel gears is one of the most exciting part of the trip planning (at least Quentin thinks so 😉 ). It forces you to visualise where you will be, what you will do and imagine potential extreme situations you’ll encounter.

Of course, you first want to take your tent, sleeping bag, massive pillow, cooking set, stamp collection and teddy bear along with snow shoes, flip-flops, down jacket, swimsuit, and all possibly imaginable things. Then, you realize you will have to carry those stuff on your back, potentially several hours a day. You also realise that washing machines (or a sink with running water) exist almost everywhere, and that you will most likely wear the same 3 t-shirts and pair of shorts 90% of the time.

In the end, you should try applying this one rule: if you think you’ll need that thing “in case this one unlikely event still happens”, then don’t take it.

Of course your packing list will depend on your type of traveling, and the weather conditions you will encounter. In our case, we will be mostly traveling during warm seasons, although it might still get below 0°C in Mongolia or in the Andes. So we’ll be traveling with “summer clothing” with an extra base layer ready in case it gets cold.

Before you start packing, you will have to choose your closest companion for your adventure: your backpack. This was a long, long, decision process for Quentin, who reviewed and tried every single model on the market. The main conditions were (1) maximum 55 liters, (2) a front-opening main compartment, (3) a front mesh, and (4) side pockets for bottle/flipflops etc.

Quentin’s backpack: Kelty Redwing 50L


In the end, the winner was the Kelty Redwing 50L, that fulfilled all above conditions, and even has a Swiss-red color!

In terms of what we packed, you’ll find below a list and picture. We’ve also decided to order our backpacks with the help of packing cubes and compression/mesh bags, making it easier to take out elements without messing up your whole backpack organisation.

In the end, that is what Quentin’s stuff add-up to (without the shoes)



Rebekka has some more clothes…
…that look packed up like this.
…and some more stuff of course. Let’s see how long she will really want to carry around that much.

The (not so complete) packing list


  • 2 long pants
  • 2 short pants
  • 5 t-shirts
  • underwears
  • scarf/buff
  • hat/cap
  • trekking shoes
  • sandals/flip flops
  • rain jacket
  • thin pullover
  • thermal underwear
  • swimsuit/bikini

Technical gear

  • headlight
  • camera
  • laptop
  • GoPro
  • adapter
  • chargers
  • backpack raincover
  • kindle e-reader

Bathroom stuff/Toiletry

  • medical set/first aid stuff
  • hard soap shampoo
  • sunlotion
  • mosquito protection (spray for body, clothes, net)
  • quick-drying towel
  • toilet paper

Other stuff

  • silk sleeping bag
  • drinking bottle
  • swiss knife
  • foldable daypack
  • sunglasses
  • laundry drying line




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