It goes without saying, leaving for a 7/8-month trip requires a minimum of preparation.ready

Besides the exciting “what do we pack?” question, there are tons of administrative questions to solve – first to make our trip easier, then to make it safer, and finally to make it financially viable.

You can find here a post about our Packing List for World Travel. This was without doubt one of the most exciting parts of our trip planning (especially for Quentin with his obsession for backpacks – he can probably list by heart all existing backpack models on the market…).

Then you have to make several decisions that will depend on the places you visit – variables to take into consideration can be the climate, geography, culture, local diseases, government regulations, etc.:

  • Visa
  • Vaccination
  • Health Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

You should of course include all of those in your budget. Backpacking in Southeast-Asia can be cheap of course, but your fixed costs might represent an increase of your budget by 50% (while you can budget CHF 1K per month to travel in Thailand, your health insurance back in Switzerland might cost you over CHF 400 per month).

Vaccination, if you haven’t been traveling for a long time, can quickly get expensive. Just Rabies vaccination for example costs over CHF 300.

For visas, luckily most countries offer a visa-on-arrival option, but after several countries you might feel like your wallet got much lighter, so you should budget that as well…

Alright, this is already getting boring. Let’s not even talk about deregistration, health insurances etc. Maybe we’ll find some motivation to talk about that another time 🙂



Other websites also offer good overviews of packing lists or helpful tips to prepare the travel.

Bootsnall offers a 30-day online preparation program where you receive an email every day

Lisa and Alex provide an overview of a rough time schedule the months before departure (in German)

A similar overview can be found on welt-reise info (also in German)


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