The Project

In a few words: seven to eight months, five months in Asia and the rest in Latin America; 10 to 14 countries; sleeping in dorms, buses, trains, planes, boats, tuk-tuks, etc.; tasting every dish we can; meeting as many people as we can; seeing everything we can; and simply… enjoying every single minute.

For financial reasons also, but mainly for the experience of living with locals and experiencing the real lifestyle of the places we visit, we will also try working in farms or local businesses during our travels (wwoofing, workaway, etc.).

More precisely, we will be departing on February 7th, 2018. We will first fly to Bangkok through Kiev (stocking up some “little water”) before switching airport in Bangkok so we can fly straight to Yangon in Burma/Myanmar. We will explore Myanmar until late February before crossing to northern Thailand. From there, we will circle east to Laos and Cambodia before ending in southern Thailand. No routes nor accomodations are set yet as we will go day by day. We only have to be back to Bangkok before April 3rd for our flight to Tokyo.
Once in Japan, we will take approximately two months to cross the country from Tokyo to Kagoshima (south-west), sometimes working in farms on the way if the opportunity arises, and eventually take a ferry to Busan, Korea. After making our way to Seoul, we will fly to Ulaanbator and spend a few weeks exploring Mongolia before leaving Asia for good.
The plan so far is to fly from Mongolia all the way to Mexico (through Vancouver). From there on, we will head south, hopefully reaching Peru and maybe Bolivia by the end of September.

You can find below the rough outline of our trip. Click on the map to see the different countries we plan on visiting and their order.

Of course, this is what we would want to do. We however know that we won’t be able to fit all of this in just 8 months of traveling, so we’ll have to adapt on the way!

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